Saturday, July 18, 2015

So obviously I'm back at it now but in order for me to back at it then you probably need to know where I've been.  Damn, where do I start?  First I want to say that if you want to hear about happy things and read about stuff that just isn't real life then leave right now before you waste your time, seriously im not about to fluff this shit up.  This is my blog, my space to let go.  Not your place to seek refuge in a make believe world like a Nicholas Sparks novel where sooner or later we get to the part where everything aligns and for that split second the whole world is right there within our grasp.  Nope that isnt this.  Dont get me wrong I can write that kind of stuff and one day I might but right now this is about where ive been these past few years and how far ive come.  So, are you ready?

PS  i care about grammar but i could care less about capitalizing every little i or putting in apostrophes